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Gangster Comedy / Crime, 120 Minutes (in Development)

Ruben wants to be part of the elite.

George (never ever pronounce it Russian) wants to be a billionaire.

And Kolja? Kolja wants to be a teacher.


But they are thieves. Real professionals. Without any money, but with a dream. They want to move to L.A. to live the American Dream. Nevertheless, they must pay back their debts to Leon first. And all they have to do is steal a suitcase.

Leon is the mafia boss and the suitcase belongs to him. Probably not the best idea to steal the case from the guy you owe money to anyway. Especially when he’s the mafia boss.

CITY OF LION presents an intertwined story in the best traditions of SNATCH; LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS and PULP FICTION. From crack whores to Polish brothels owners, hit men to weapon dealers and their private armies, from randomly appearing Russians to (non) corrupt policemen, German engineers, a red Ford Mustang, shootings, thefts, persecutions, scams, betrayals and money… and greed. And of course, love, friendship and death.

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