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Samaya Hillenbrand
Producer, Sales

+49 2352 277 18 66

Samaya Hillenbrand, - (née Asgarova) -

b. Baku, Azerbaijan SSR, 1988

after graduating from the Azerbaijan Medical University she specialized in pediatric neurologist medicine before becoming active in the film industry.

2014-2017 - worked as International Affairs Specialist at the AZERBAIJANFILM STUDIO, state film production company.

2017-2021 - worked as a buyer and distributor for the theatrical distribution company - CINEMA DISTRIBUTION, as programming manager for the largest cinema chains in Azerbaijan - CINEMAPLUS, and as a production coordinator and producer assistant for CINEMAZADEH, private film and full service production company.

2018 - was chosen for participation at BERLINALE TALENT. First representative from Azerbaijan at Market Studio at Berlinale Talents.

2021 - started a film career in Germany at DOGHOUSE FILMPRODUCTIONS, mainly focusing on developing potential projects for international co-productions.

She gained valuable experience by working in different positions on more than 20 Azerbaijani feature film projects including international co-productions. 5 years in row she released more than 10 art and mainstream foreign as well as local films per month on most of the screens in Azerbaijan. 

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